👁 You need confidence on yourself, when you will be ready, Universe will attract sigh on you and you projects !

Milky Way dragon is on your place, to increase the visibility of your posts and your Uhive space !

« Silver » NFT on Uhive Marketplace

Little Biography

This « Silver » NFT was drawn with geometrical shapes, at contrary to the others. This time I paint the galaxy behind with clairer colors, to made an effect of visibility. The purpose is to attract sights on you, to bring you out of darkness and help you at enjoy being part of the universe.

😘 Thanks UhiveNFT group, without all of you I couldn’t get this idea and the inspiration to draw this « Silver » NFT.

See step by step how I created the « Silver » NFT

😝 2+2 = 4 drawings

What’s your favorite NFT of my Uhive collection ?

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