Look in front of you, and at what’s you are doing. How have you took your choice, why are you going there ? If you are sure it’s your way, remember your purpose and never give up!

📢 Many persons will join you, if you are confident in you and on your dream !

The Milky Way Dragon is at your side, to raise your Uhive spaces and reach all the stars!

« Shout » NFT on Uhive Marketplace

Little Biography

At the Chinese new year, I selled the two firsts NFTs of this Uhive collection. They were buyed in less than 30 minutes… I was really surprised !🥰 So the next day, I continued my Uhive collection…

I feel supported, so I wanted to share this feeling by drawing this « Shout » award. I wanted to be an artist, but now I don’t want to. I prefer live all the adventures I will have on my purpose way, and enjoy them… than regret each time I don’t reach what I expected and have a buring artist life.

Thanks for your support, and also for the difficult times.

See step by step how I created the « Shout » NFT

Let me show you how did I draw the « Shout » NFT. The third drawing of this Uhive collection.

Believe in you, Milky Way it’s always here to help you !

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