Look at you, and then at me, we are both living beeings. We are on the same Earth, and we feel the same emotions. So I want to hug you, to take you on my arms, to give you love. You don’t need to return it, just stay like you are.

❣❤ I share you love because today I want to thanks you, thanks the universe to be in life with you right now !

Milky Way dragon and I, will never let you go because we need your love to grow !

« Hugs » NFT on Uhive Marketplace

Little Biography

I recieved few days later of the last « Relaxed » award, a beautiful « Hugs » award. It was different from the last one, I feel to loved and I needed to share my love by this NFT.

I want my love to travel and be eternal on this Art work. Love don’t have price, it’s free. Even if you don’t possess this « Hugs » NFT. I want to share love on the owner space, at all uhivers that follow him, and at all the universe.

🥰😘I love life, I hug you…

See step by step how I created the « Hugs » NFT

« Hugs » NFT it’s the second drawing of the « Uhive » collection. I use the same materials, to keep the same style.

😊 If you send me this Uhive award on Uhive, I will return you the same love. I hug you with all my love !

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