Look at the sky with your heart, at all the stars and imagine Milky Way as a dragon. A cute and wonderful dragon, who protect your dreams and support you. Milky Way is there for you, for your purpose.

☮ Breath slowly, close your eyes, let your body and your mind relax. Be free, alive, and happy. See the world on the right side, and smile at yourself.

I’m relaxed on my happy place, and Milky Way dragon is on my uhive space !

« Relaxed » NFT on Uhive Marketplace

😘Relax and live with peace !

Little Biography

My purpose is to share my peaceful emotions, at whose look at my Art Work. I used colors to erase your dolors. I drawn with my heart, to touch your heart. 💞

Only Uhivers can really understand the meaning of this Relaxed NFT. I inspired me of an award that I received by газанфар.

Thanks for газанфар giving me this feeling and this inspiration.

See step by step how I created the « Relaxed » NFT

It’s a digital NFT but it was after all a real drawing. I use the power of emotions to create the « Relaxed », and Milky Way dragon who is the gardian.

💫Curious to discover how I drawn this NFT ?

😊 Do you already saw this Uhive award ? Did Milky Way given peace at your heart ? Are you relaxed…

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